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What we do

Kavach offers ready to assemble / integrate on the vehicle (plug and play) lightweight armour protection (panels) based on customized combination of the following:

Strike Face

and their mix

Backing / Structure

and their mix

Add on Anti- Ballistic Protection against all levels of threats up to STANAG level 5 both

Group People

Defence & Civilian applications

Vehicles & personnel

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Light weight, multi material

Custom made, composite panels, modular, plug & play

Cost effective, lower TCO

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Why lightweight armour instead
of pure armoured steel on vehicles?

To maximize the vehicle payload, autonomy and maneuverability and minimize the cost of ownership (maintenance and upgrade costs on suspensions and engines) with no compromise on protection level.


Through Kavach we are working to provide an end-to-end vertically integrated solution, customized and need based.