DEF standardized as AUS 32 in ISO 22241. VDA registered the trademark AdBlue for AUS 32

ABI Blue is a colorless, non-toxic solution made up of 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. It is safe to handle and use. It is not explosive / flammable / toxic or subject to any hazardous product regulations. Use of ABI Blue assures better mileage for the vehicle apart from preserving the environment.

Points to keep in mind

Fuel, oil, dirt, and dust, among many others things can get into the solution and reduce its efficacy. If you’re using another container to transfer ABI Blue into your vehicle ensure it’s clean and hasn’t been used for other purposes. Having dedicated equipment for ABI Blue related storage and transfers is a good idea. Also try to minimize the time ABI Blue is exposed to the environment.

ABI Blue must never be added to fuel. If it is added via the fuel filler, please do not start the vehicle immediately and call the appropriate emergency support number.