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What It Is

AdBlue® is a pure, high quality, transformative Diesel Exhaust Additive for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology that significantly reduces CO2 and NOx emissions in vehicles making their exhaust greener and safer by reducing toxins. It also improves the life of the engine and improves mileage and lengthens the maintenance cycles of the vehicles.


How it works

AdBlue®, stored in a separate tank is injected into the exhaust stream of diesel engines. AdBlue® does not and should not come in direct contact with the fuel. Tiny streams of AdBlue® mixes with the exhaust and in the ensuing chemical reaction, ammonia in the AdBlue® converts harmful NOx in the exhaust into safe Nitrogen and water. To be used in vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) units.


Made up of one third ammonia and two thirds de-ionized water, AdBlue® is a colourless nontoxic solution that is not explosive, flammable, or toxic. It can be transported and stored with ease and does not come under the purview of any hazardous chemical regulations. Make sure to keep out dust, dirt and other external agents from the solution and use clean containers for storage and transfer of AdBlue®. AdBlue® is not to be mixed with fuel and in case of such an accident, do not start the vehicle and call the emergency helpline immediately.


AdBlue® comes packaged in various sizes and shapes so that there is one ideal for your requirement. From 5L cans to 1000L tanks,
AdBlue® packages are of ideal size and shape for ease of transportation, storage, and dispensing possibilities and delivery.
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Why AdBlue® ?



  • Decades of rich experience serving automobile customers
  • Known for high quality, availability, reach and competitive price


  • Flexible model of delivery
  • Access to a wide network of over 500 partner outlets
  • Full traceability
  • Purity of every batch can be tracked on the web
  • Online MSDS

World Class Protection

Proximity to customers being the key driver, AdBlue® is produced at multiple locations across India.

Quality Assurance

AdBlue® specifications are given in ISO 22241 standards. The quality assurance process of AdBlue® is an end-to-end tailor made methodology. Reno as a licensee adheres to such quality assurance process in it’s products. Our process continuously examines every aspect of the supply chain from the quality of
de-ionized water, to purity of Urea, to blending, to storage, to distribution and final delivery at Customer location. The state-of-the-art central laboratory assures, continuous quality monitoring and control.

Custom Filling Solutions

We recognize that every customer need is unique. AdBlue® comes in numerous pack sizes with different dispensing possibilities and multiple delivery options.


Reduced Toxic Emissions

Easy Availability

Better Mileage

Future Regulation-Ready

Less Maintenance

Right Price

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