Securing Lives,
Simplifying Outcomes

Reno Mercantile is a value-add technology integrator. We have designed & developed niche products & a range of solutions, customizable for individual customer needs. Headquartered in Chennai, India, with a Global Design Center at Bangalore (India), Reno Mercantile has manufacturing plants across the country. For specific internationalrequirements, we offer our solutions through our associate companies based in Europe.

Combining manufacturing excellence with technical expertise, we deliver a wide range of solutions. Our solutions have transcended traditional boundaries, finding unique applications in multiple domains including automobile, aerospace, defense & inland security. With customer base panning far & wide ranging from esteemed governmental agencies, multinational companies,state transport & trade corporations, private entities to retail buyer, the company has set out on a path to address some of the key challenges of the industry. This journey is facilitated through deeply researched, carefully engineered solutions, leveraging the guidance of world renowned, independent, deep domain experts & qualified by international agencies.

Reno Mercantile has close association with a trusted set of well-established, specialized companies and an array of distribution partners. This distinct advantage assists us to serve and support our customers better and faster.

Our Legacy

Founded by the Chairman of BI Group, Reno draws inspiration from its core ideals :

  • Relentless focus on quality and excellence
  • Exemplary service to customers
  • Non-negotiable adherence to process
  • Outstanding culture of inclusiveness and openness

Our employees come from a background of several decades of experience and shared learning in a variety of domains. All our activities are mentored and guided by an international panel of independent experts.

Sustainability and community reachout

The experience of joy of sharing is beyond description. Beyond work, many ABI Associates are actively associated with various formal and informal initiatives wherein they participate in community reach out.

As a company, we embrace our responsibility to leave a trail of happiness and sustainability in the communities in which we work and live. More than 50% of our campus is maintained green. One of the recent efforts is growing up Miyawaki forest adjacent to our plants. At a formal level, we run a Grammer school, Vidya Peetam to impart primary and secondary education to children. Our Technical school, Matrix, is open to all youth in the neighbourhood. Here we impart the basics and nuances of modern manufacturing methods. In addition, we run a 32-bed hospital near our plants. As a matter of abundant care, we adhere to several non-mandatory policies.